Monday, September 19, 2011

Something old turns into something new!

Just finished collaging 2 deer figures I bought some time ago. Cor and I went to a pumpkin market 1 week ago where there was this lady from Bontgeblokt, who collaged paper mache figures with just any kind of paper (wrapping paper, paper from magazines, etc.). I bought a reindeer from her and collaged that one first with the paper that went along with it. 

I liked doing it so much that I immediately wanted to continue with a new project.  I saw the deer figures I bought some time ago at Action and decided to collage them. They could use some color! I just used wrapping papers (about 4 different ones for each animal) and wallpaper glue.

You could collage lots of other things you don't like anymore. Make sure to protect the paper with varnish once you are done with collaging!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girls rule!

And here's my latest mixed media painting for Suzi Blu's Lalala class! This one was a bit of a struggle and I'm not very excited about how it turned out, but I show it anyway. 

This is how I started. I used a copy of an image from a book with images from the fifties and collaged it on a canvas.

Then I collaged the 2 girls in the middle of the painting and collaged all kind of different papers around them. 

After that I used all kind of different techniques to finally come up with this:

As I wrote before, I'm not really happy with this painting myself. What do you think?