Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update on Gypsy Caravan

My sweetheart and I have been working very hard this weekend on the Gypsy Caravan. I wallpapered the upper part of the door and I have also been painting a lot. I couldn't finish all the painting but it's almost done! My sweetheart has been busy making a new lower part of the door because the inside of the old one was ruined by mold and he also put a tow bar under my car, since we're going to use my car for our little trip to France in September.
Here are some new photos of the inside of the Gypsy Caravan with the new cushions I made of denim.

 This is the door and the dining area seat with new cushions.

These are the new cushions for our bed. The plan is to leave the bed down all the time and not use this space as a sitting area. We can sit in our dining area and use the bed as a daybed. We will be taking a lot of small cushions with us.

And this is the kitchen and the other dining area seat with the new cushions.
The inside of the kitchen cabinets still has to be painted, but I think I will be doing that when we get home from our trip or even next year.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wallpaper love in the Gypsy Caravan!

Yesterday, I finally wallpapered the Gypsy Caravan. It took me a big part of the afternoon and a part of the evening! But it looks great (at least we think it looks great)! 

These are photos taken after I had finished wallpapering the upper part of the wall.

And these are photos taken after I had finished wallpapering the whole wall in the evening.

Now we only have to wallpaper the door in the caravan and finish painting the cabinets that are in my sweethearts house. They say it's going to be a very warm day tomorrow, so I will start the day with wallpapering the door in the caravan and then move into the house where it's cool and more comfortable to work. I think we will need 3 more days of painting and another day for gluing in the new floor. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Color Purple

Our Gypsy Caravan is getting purple!
The first color we picked wasn't dark enough in comparison with the lilac on the walls. So, yesterday I bought a new can of paint and this time we think it looks great!! 

Here are some photos of the first color. On photo it looks better then in real. In real it's a more in your face kind of color combination! 

 So that's why it had to be a darker purple, like this one!

In case you're wondering where the wallpaper went .... I had to take it off the wall because the glue wasn't drying at all. So we had to look for another glue first. Lucky for me I just did a small corner! Now I'm waiting for the purple paint to dry before I can start wallpapering again! When that's done we have to put in the new ceiling and put everything else we have painted back in again. We only have a couple of more weeks to go before we'll leave on our maiden trip with the Gypsy Caravan! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I finally made a page in my A Lovely Dream (from a Suzi Blu class) art journal again! I was in the mood for some collaging and used lots of images that are normally used to put in a so called 'Poesie album'. This is a small album in which family, friends and teachers of young girls are writing small poems on one page and then decorate the other page with images like the ones I used. 
Here are 2 pages of my own and my mother's Poesie album, just to give you an idea:

And here are some photos of my Art Journal page that I took outside in the evening light ....

.... and I also made a scan:

I used the lyrics of the song Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson. I made the girl with Pan pastels, Prisma colors and watercolor pencils. The background is a vintage sheet of music paper with Glimmer Mist. The card of the girl on the left page I found in a new Dutch magazine called Daphne's Diary.