Thursday, May 26, 2011


Things are slowly getting better! EMDR treatment is completed and I almost feel like my old self again, although I don't feel up to start or continue my creative projects yet. I'm still going to see the psychologist for some other issues I want to work on. 

Not so long ago I started square foot gardening (in Dutch look over here)because I needed to do something with my hands. I made two wooden boxes (1.00mx1.20m and 1.00m x1.40m) and put them in my garden where there is just a couple of hours of sun. I'm not sure if it will be enough for the vegetables to grow but we'll see! I always wanted to have my own vegetable garden but with the fibro I thought it was impossible. Square foot gardening however is very easy for me to handle and I love to see how everything that I have sown is growing into small plants! So soon I will be eating veggies from my own garden!

And in my front yard I have put some pumpkins and zucchinis in holes in my lawn which I have filled with compost.

I also have some new neighbors. They moved in a couple of weeks ago.
I have 3 nesting-boxes around the house and they are all occupied with new families of great tits (2) and blue tits (1).