Friday, February 25, 2011

No time to paint but ...

... finally started to reorganize my art room and got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff that I kept way to long! 
So you have to wait a little longer for new updates on the painting!
I also inscribed for a new online workshop from someone I 'met' at Suzi's Academy: Natalie Neumann. The workshop is called: Woman and their Unicorn. Information about this workshop you can find on her website Vanillery Garden.

This is one of the projects we are going to make:

1) The Unicorn Bible: This will be your own personal illustrated book. Learn how to bind it, how to make paper look old and aged, how to illustrate unicorns with a pen in the old fashioned way and how to make a layout for every page. I will teach you calligraphy and how to make those beautifully adorned initial letters, like the monks in mid-century times used to do. The Manuscript will have a leather book cover with golden decorations and your own personal title to it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Had some time to paint today so ...

... here is what I painted!

First I glued down the faces with gel medium.

Here I added the carriage and horses that I printed on paper. I will glue them down permanently in a later stage of the painting. 

Then I painted the bodies with a flesh color and finally ...

... I painted the sky and a little bit into the sea. It's not done by far but it gives you an impression about the making of this painting.
Have a nice weekend!

New painting in process!

Finally started to work on my last painting for the La Sirena workshop from Suzi Blu. I first made a sketch on a small paper and then drew it on the canvas. 

I then used spray bottles with acrylic paints, glimmer mist and lots of water to make the background. I made several layers! 

After that I blocked out the figures, castle, sun, fish and starfish. I decided to use a printed picture of a carriage with horses to work with in a later stage so I didn't need to block out the carriage and horses that I drew.

I have started to work on the faces which will be collaged on the painting very soon.

Make sure to come back next week to see where this painting is heading! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She got lost

You can loose your own true self in so many ways and get lost. But can you see that she's swimming out of the seaweed? Soon she'll be in the open water and free to move around as she pleases! That's where I'm heading too!

Yes, this page is about me. I felt lost for many, many years until I learned that I was suffering from PTSS (or PTSD) and was treated with EMDR. After this treatment I started to feel better and I'm still growing (with ups and downs).

PS: The lighter spot on her bra is the rainbow light of a crystal hanging in front of my window. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wood burned box

This lovely mermaid box used to be an old cigar box. 

It was a little bit difficult to work on because it's not as smooth as birch plywood.

After wood burning.

Front view of the box. I'm keeping all my colored pencils in it!

Primitive angels

Another mixed media painting on wood from a Suzi Blu workshop called Angels. 

Yes, it's wood burned first! 

A view from the left. My sweetheart made me lots of nice frames to work on! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My first Petite Dolls on wood

This was my very first Petite Doll I made after I found Suzi Blu on the web in 2008. 

Soon after I had finished my first mixed media painting I made this Oriental princess.

And here they are together.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This was the second mermaid I had to make for Suzi's workshop. Until now the largest painting that I've made (30x60 cm or 12x24 inches). It is made on birch plywood. 

A closer look of her face and ...

... her upper body.
For a closer look you can also click on the photo and then click again.


The last workshop I did at Suzi's was all about mermaids. This was my first painting and my first piece of art I finished off with beeswax. I really loved working with that (love the smell!) and it gives the painting much more depth. It's like she's really swimming in water. To show you how the wax changed the painting I'll show some photos of the process of making this painting.

I started with making the background and then collaging the mermaid on top of it. 

I experimented with different tail colors. Added some modeling paste to her hair and the star fish. The little seahorse is a bead I happened to have.

This is the painting before I started to add the beeswax and some stars, wool and knitting thread.
Can you see the difference?

Not all who wander are lost

Art journal page with a 3/4 face I originally wanted to use for a mermaid painting.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fairy jar

This is something I learned from Suzi Blu. You can find her You Tube tutorial over here

A closer look with my garden house in the back.

Lots of glitter and stars on top of the wool!

Love, freedom, aloneness

This is an art journal page in my Goddes and Poet journal I loved to work on! There are lots of layers in the background. I even used some tule. For a closer look just click on the photo and then click on it again!

Cover for Moleskine Art Journal

Here's the cover of my Goddess and Poet art journal. I'm using Moleskine sketchbooks. They have very smooth and thick paper and are great for art journaling. 

Love life, live love

This is an art journal page I made about a year ago when I was taking a workshop from Suzi Blu:  the Goddess and the Poet. Suzi gives wonderful workshops for a very reasonable prize. With the self guided workshops you can start whenever you want.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Count your blessings every day!

This is an angel I made in my art journal. Be sure to count your blessings every day!! I sometimes forget and really needed this note to self!

Angel of love

This is a painting on wood I made for my parents. Actually I made it for my dad who liked the small painting (love birds) very much, but I asked him if it was okay to give it to him and my mother when it was time for them to move into the home for the elderly. I got inspired for this painting by the talented and sweet Kelly Rae Roberts. All the buttons are vintage treasures from the button box I got from my mother.

Happy love birds

I love this cute little painting!

Small mixed media art paintings

I made these paintings on the backside of small wooden boxes that were used for embellishments. I like to work on small surfaces.

New blog first post

For some time I was thinking about making a new blog just for showing others my artsy stuff. I'm not much of a writer you see, so blogging about my life is not really my thing. 
In the future I want to make an Etsy shop where you can buy my artsy stuff online but for now I'm just putting photos of my art on this blog. If you're interested in buying just leave a comment and I'll contact you.

This is a small mixed media painting. I gave it to a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer (Kahler) not so long ago. Her positive reaction on this small token of friendship and support made me realize that receiving (or making) art can really help someone! Love you Ina! I'm sure that you can overcome the cancer with your positive attitude!