Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finale ICAD!

Here are my final ICAD's! I made all 5 cards today! This was a fun challenge to do and I managed somehow to complete it! I'm not sure yet, if I'm going to continue Tammy's Daily Paper Prompts challenge. There's still so much work to do in our Gypsy Caravan and my son will also be home for 4 weeks in August. So I think I will pass this challenge. Happy and proud though to have accomplished the ICAD challenge!

 #57 payne's grey: scrapbook paper, transparency, rub-ons, black pen

 #58 flower: card from a typical Dutch card game 'Kwartet' with one of my favorite flowers

 #59 bird: image from magazine, typewriter letter stamps

 #60 raindrops/lyrics: lyrics of Raindrops keep fallin' on my head printed on white paper, acrylic paints on one side of a transparency (used a brayer), black pen. This is my less favorite ICAD.

#61 the sun: white watercolor paper, Neocolor II, water, rub-ons.
I put neocolors on a piece of paper, used a brush to wet the drawing, then quickly put it on another piece of paper and rolled over it with a brayer.

ICAD week 8

Just a couple of more cards to go and I will have completed the ICAD challenge!
It took me a couple of days to get started on this weeks prompts but here they are:

 #50 numbers: Scrapbook paper, letter stickers, Neocolor II, black pen.

 #51 draw a face: white paper, pencil.

 #52 cup of tea/use a photograph: my favorite herbal tea (fresh mint from my garden) with some honey in my favorite teacup from Indiska!

 #53 draw a map: scrapbook paper, black pen, dymo tape. This is a map from my neighborhood.

 #54 paint: acrylic paint on watercolor paper. When the paint is still wet put another paper on top and use a brayer or your hands to create this effect. 

 #55 make an index card in public: washi tape, black pen. 

#56 dice/use a photograph: a photograph of an old Dutch board game: the game of goose. I won this game 50 years ago and it was my first game where you had to use dice. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy weekend

We've had a busy weekend. Lots of Gypsy Caravan painting and making a start with wall papering, and in between we also went to Fantasia Fest at the Lindenhorst in De Wijk.

Over the years I have collected lots of old wallpaper books and I picked some of the cutest papers for decorating one wall of our Gypsy Caravan!

And here are just a couple of photos I took at Fantasia Fest:

I loved this Creature Cabinet. Look for some Sprites!

This very tiny owl was sitting on the shoulder of some guy. The owl looks so cute but I don't like it that it's held in captivity!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

French movie!

This afternoon my sweetheart and I went to see a French movie called Intouchables. If you haven't seen it yet, you really should.
We thought it was a great movie, the best we've seen in a long time. Hilarious and moving at the same time. The movie is based on a true story.

Here's the trailer (English version):

P.S. Finally Summer! I'm feeling a little bit better every day. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

ICAD week 7

Finished my last index card for week 7 of the ICAD challenge today!
Kept them simple because I'm still feeling tired. Went to see the doctor on Tuesday because when I woke up that morning I suddenly had a bruise near my eye which wasn't there when I went to bed. It didn't hurt at all, so I thought it was unusual and together with the extreme fatigue I thought it was  time to have a thorough check-up of my blood. The doctor agreed! Still waiting for the results though!
I must say that I feel a little bit better for the last 2 days, and the bruise near my eye has already disappeared!

The prompts I used for this week's cards are: concentric circles/neocolors+water, owl, mandala, white, strips of fabric, graffiti, dreamy/haiku.

 # 43 concentric circles/neocolors+water: a la Wassily Kandinsky with neocolors and water.

 # 44 owl: writing paper in wood color with green swirls, transparency, washi tape, black pen, stamp, stazon.

 #45 mandala: scrapbook paper, white paper, black pen.

 # 46 white: paintable paper (Prima), scrapbook paper, screen print (Hambly), vintage lace, white lace with follow your dreams, flower, buttons, butterfly brad, rhinestones, pearl with nail sticker, stamps, stazon.
 # 47 strips of fabric: fabric, sewing machine.

 # 48 graffiti: image of a wall and figure from the internet, white paper, pens. 

# 49 dreamy/haiku: transparency of magazine image, haiku from Peter S. Quinn, stamp, black pen, stazon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

ICAD week 6

Had a very rough week due to the fibro, but managed somehow to make the cards for the ICAD challenge! Kept them simple though. I'm still not feeling well but I know this will pass. I just hope it will be soon, because I haven't felt like this in a very, very long time! 

The prompts I used this week are: ladybug, the ocean, colored pencils, draw lemons or apples, draw lines with ruler, rainbow and cut out.

 # 36 ladybug: transparency of an image I found in a magazine (it came out great!!), glitter letters, black pen.

 # 37 the ocean: transparency of another image from a magazine, letter stickers and rub-ons. 

 #38 colored pencils: prisma colored pencils over black, letter stickers, and rub-ons. (I should have colored over white!) Picture is not so great, colors look different in real!

 # 39 draw lemons or apples: black gesso, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, white uni posca.

 # 40 draw lines with ruler: black pen, letter stickers and rub-ons.

 # 41 rainbow: small pieces of magazine paper.

# 42 cut out: images from magazines.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ICAD challenge week 5

Just finished my index cards for week 5 for the ICAD challenge!
I'm feeling a bit tired at the moment but managed somehow to find some inspiration and energy for making the cards.
The prompts I used this week are: flag of your country, collage of pinks, zebra inspired, weave index cards, butterfly, layers of color and colors of your outfit.

 #29 Flag of your country: image from the internet, blue and red uni posca's, black letter stickers.

 #30 Collage of pinks: scrapbook paper (background), transparency with clear packing tape, images of flowers from magazines, letter stickers.

 # 31 Zebra inspired: white paper, black pen.

 # 32 Weave index cards: scrapbook paper, index card, letter stamps, black pen.

 # 33 Butterfly: scrapbook paper, image flower and letters from magazines, butterfly copy from a book about butterflies.

 # 34 Layers of color: handmade paper (background), paint, modeling paste, black pen, stamp, white ColorBox pigment, painted aluminum tape, paper star.

# 35 Colors of your outfit: vintage music paper, spray paint denim (Ranger), butterflies (Petaloo), letters from magazines, silver uni posca.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Yesterday I collaged this old piggy bank for my sweetheart. He collects hippopotamuses and found this one in Finland.

The young black birds have already left the nest and are housing somewhere on the ground between the bushes. Did you know that they can't fly yet when they leave the nest? This makes them very vulnerable and an easy prey for cats. I can hear the parents warn them when someone (person or cat) is passing by. They woke me up very early this morning and I was unable to fall asleep again! I wasn't amused by that at all, but I do hope they will all survive!

And look the clematis is blooming! There's only one flower yet in the purple clematis and lots of flowers in the pink one!

And then there are these purple flowers which grow every year from under the wooden shelves we have put over a former brick flower bin(?). This year it is really huge!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm halfway through the ICAD challenge
The prompts I worked with this time are: Mondrian artwork, draw an iced cream sundae, disco ball, fabric, sketch a bicycle, quote and snowman.
I wasn't very inspired while making the snowman. Maybe it's because of the warm weather we're having here ....

 I used pieces of scrapbook paper and a black pen.

 Black pen.

 Paper from subscription cards, images from the internet and a book, black pen.

 Scrapbook paper, Neocolor II, fabric, sewing machine and buttons.

 Scrapbook paper, black pen.

 Packing paper, Neocolor II, black pen, stamps.

Tissue (lots of layers), watercolor, white cotton, foam snowman, silver stars and silver embroidering thread.