Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ipod bag

A few weeks ago I bought my first Ipod. I just needed something small to take along with me for listening to music, meditations and watching inspiring videos. Because I can't afford very expensive "the latest of the latest goodies" I bought an Ipod classic that was on discount and which has lots more space (160 Gb) on it than all the new goodies with touchscreen, wifi, etc. 

Yesterday I decided to make a small bag to protect the outside of my Ipod against being scratched. I recently found some Nepal wool which is very thick and easy to work with. So this is what I made.

I used tshirt transfer paper for the image (a detail of one of my Art Journal pages) and added some sequences to it. I'm now thinking about making another one where I don't have to take the Ipod out of the bag anymore for watching videos.