Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update on Gypsy Caravan 3

I have been painting, cleaning and decorating the Gypsy Caravan for the last couple of days. There are still some improvements to be made when we return from our little vacation, but for now I'm done! I also need time to assemble all the camping gear we need to bring with us.

Do you remember how the caravan looked like when we first bought it?

The sleeping area.

The dining area.

Before we started to paint: sleeping area 

and dining area.

And this is how it looks today! 

The door completely finished.

The dining area. I love that new floor!

We will be using the big heart next to the door to stick on brochures with events in the region we'll be visiting. 

I also decorated the mirror!

We could hang this lamp over here or ...

... this cute hanger with elephants!

We could also put the lamp on the table or ...

... we could put some old bowls on it. 

I loved transforming this old and very dated caravan into this new colorful Gypsy Caravan!

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Letha said...

It's so great to compare the before and after. I adore the Gypsy Caravan. It's a work of art.