Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Decluttering in process!!

I know, I know .... it has been a while .... again!
It's because of Kelly Hoernig and her assignment for Life Book 2013: Let the games begin. I had to make a game board and playing cards with my goals for 2013. My main goal/word of the year for this year is declutter and right after I had finished the game board I started with decluttering my studio. I'm still not completely ready with clearing out and cleaning this very important space but it's going in the right direction! The thing is that I wasn't able to do anything creative in this room for a couple of weeks but this afternoon I finally managed to clear my two working tables! I can finally play again and continue with Life Book 2013. Yeah!!! I'm so much behind! And in less then 2 weeks I have this other online workshop starting: Mermaid Circus with Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore!! Very excited about that!!!

Here's my Game board:

and my cards: 

The goals are written on the back of the cards.

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Letha said...

Love the game board. Especially the cards. Well done.