Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden update

Summer started here with a rainy day! My garden loves it, I don't!! My body hates humidity because of the fibromyalgia. I hope we'll have better days with lots of sun very, very soon! 

Last week I worked a lot in my back yard and this is how it looks.

I bought some new plants and replanted some of my old ones. I like the wooden stairs which I bought at a thrift shop last year. 

This photo is taken from the other side. The old zinc bucket first belonged to my parents. 

Another styled corner in my back yard. 

The pink Clematis is blooming!! 

I bought this fountain last week because I like the sound of calm running water.
At first the frogs that are living in the water basin (at least 5) were a bit afraid and they all jumped out of the water when I installed the fountain. One of them stayed a long time looking at this new item in his home. 

The frog that was brave enough to stay and watch.

I also worked in my vegetable garden. Everything is growing so fast! Especially the potato plants. I used 8 potatoes with sprigs or shoots that I wanted to throw away because they weren't eatable anymore. At first I planted them in my square foot garden but there wasn't enough room for 8 plants so I had to replant them.

I planted 6 of them just outside my garden where they have a lot of space to make new potatoes. 

In front there are 2 potato plants and 4 French beans.

Remember from my previous post how small the leaves were from the radishes, spinach and lettuce?

This radish looks ready to be eaten!

The first flower of the Nasturtiums that are growing near my square foot garden in front of the English wooden fence!

The zucchini also made flowers!!! 

There's still a lot of work and growing to do in my garden! 

Happy Summer! 


Marit said...

Ja, op deze midzomerdag had voor mij de zon ook wel wat meer mogen schijnen! Je tuin is prachtig!!! Mijne ziet er nog steeds miezerig uit - geen tijd (en geld) gehad en eigenlijk ook geen zin om er iets aan te doen. Nu ik weer wat meer vrije tijd heb de komende weken, krijg ik misschien nog de kriebels? moet het wel mooier weer worden... maar dat zal toch wel? Ooit...?!

M@risk@ said...

Het is een lange tijd geleden dat ik je blog bezocht, zag dat je inmiddels een nieuwe gestart bent. Wat ziet je tuin er prachtig uit, goed om te zien dat alles zo prachtig groeit en bloeit. Jij ook een fijne zomer.