Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally something new to show you!

A couple of weeks ago I started a new class at Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy and I managed to make a couple of the assignments. 

At first I made a meditating bunny. The new technique I learned was to make scratches in the beeswax and then rub on oil paint and wipe off most of it. Some of the oil paint (I used brown) will stay behind in the scratches.

The next assignment was making a dark colored petite doll. I loved making this painting! Again I used the same technique with making scratches, only this time I used a braider. The flower trim at the bottom costs a fortune at Pippoos but I think it's worth it!

After the second assignment I made a very small painting on wood of Suzi Blu and her pets. 

And today I finished a similar painting on canvas of Suzi and her 2 doggies. 

I'm not sure yet what my next project will be because I'm also still a member of Natalie's class: Woman and their Unicorns. She hasn't been very active for the last couple of months due to her final exams but is now ready to finish this class. 

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Marit said...

Leuk om weer eens wat nieuw werk te zien van je! Ik heb me zelf nog nooit aan de was gewaagd... teveel andere plannen en ideeen nog in mijn hoofd. Ik heb wel een prachtig werkje van Mary Beth Shaw in huis, met de 'ice wood' of wood ice' techniek gemaakt - ken je dat? IK heb geen idee hoe het werkt, maar het is ook iets met was... het ziet er in ieder geval prachtig uit, en jouw werk ook!!!