Monday, April 16, 2012

A new week

A few days before my son left the house, there was a young cat wandering around the house and when I opened the door to let in my own cat Misty, he sneaked in and ate all of Misty's food. So 2 days later I thought that maybe he was kicked out of the house and I put on some posters with his picture and  my phone number on trees and lampposts in my neighbor hood and also in the local supermarket. No one phoned to ask about him. I gave him food and shelter for the cold nights. During the day he would go outside and lay under the tree in my front yard. Misty wasn't happy with the little one but I thought he was cute and very caressable. He liked to sleep on my lap, something Misty never does. But I think he's gone now, haven't seen him since yesterday morning when I let him out very early in the morning.
It makes me think that maybe he was sent to me for the purpose of transitioning better from still having my son at home to no one to mother! Who knows! 
Well this was 'Sammie'!

Last week I started to sow again. I recently bought a new sewing-machine because the old one wasn't working properly anymore. I'm making covers for the cushions for the second hand caravan that I bought last year. I'm going to pimp the caravan in an Eastern/gypsy kind of style. For the covers I'm using jeans fabric combined with gypsy kind of fabrics.

In case you've missed the photos of the caravan (I'm not even sure that I've posted them on my blog!), here they are! 

The walls of the caravan can be folded!

It looks dark inside the caravan, doesn't it?! I want to bring in some color with new covers and curtains. I'm even going to paint or wallpaper the walls and ceiling. I'm not sure about painting the closet and kitchen yet. I hope to finish the caravan before the end of this Summer so that we can take her out for our first trip!

This afternoon I went out for a walk. I want to better my life and make a walk every day from now on and not only on Sundays with my sweetheart and his dog! It was a sunny but cold day today! But look how green nature already is getting! I love to take this path just outside the village!

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Marit said...

Hier zit er nog eentje die zich heeft voorgenomen vaker te gaan wandelen... (vaker dan 1x per maand, hihi... nee echt, ik mag wel ns wat beweging hebben dus 3x p.w. een lange wandeling!) Je caravan ziet er lief uit, een schatje. Ik ken iemand die rondtrok in een 'gypsy wagon', misschien vind je er inspiratie om te 'pimpen'? Hier is een link naar één van haar posts: