Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yesterday it would have been my dad's 84th birthday! We - my mother, brother and I - went to his birth village in the early evening and scattered his ashes in a place where  he used to play as a young kid. 
Before he died I once asked him what we should do with his ashes after his death and he answered that he wanted them to be scattered in the place where he was born. So we did! It was my idea to wait until his birthday with scattering his ashes in order to make a full circle of his life. 
I scattered his ashes around a tree. My brother took some pictures. My mother just watched me scattering her husband ashes. She's in peace with his death and this was just the final step that had to be taken. We're just not the kind of people to keep the ashes in or on a closet or to visit a graveyard. Next year on his birthday, or whenever she wants to, I will take her to his final resting place. We can sit on a nearby bench and look at the undisturbed ground and talk about my dad and how he loved to ride on his bicycle and passed by this very same spot many, many times.

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