Sunday, November 11, 2012

Folk Fairy and new camera

Finished this small mixed media painting on wood for the Fairy class by Suzi Blu.

Last week I bought a new camera. It's a newer version of the one I bought a couple of years ago the Panasonic Lumix FZ48. My old one was the FZ8.

The new camera has so much more to offer! I'll show you some photos I took to demonstrate the new possibilities. I haven't used Photoshop!
So here's a photo of my cat Misty when I used the automatic button ...


... and here's the same photo in retro when I used the creative button.

Here are some photos I took behind my house using all the different possibilities of the creative button. 

 high dynamic
 pin head
 black & white

And here I discovered the possibilities of the landscape button. The first photo has been taken with the automatic button ...
 ... and this second photo has been taken with the landscape button. IRL the colors were exactly the same!! No photoshopping!!

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Joyce van der Lely said...

WOW, great camera ! I bet you are happy happy :) and lovely fairy too btw xx