Monday, January 28, 2013

More inspired!!

Finished another assignment for Life Book 2013! I'm not totally satisfied with the outcome but it was fun to do and that is the most important for me at the moment: having fun!

This is called True Intentions and the workshop is given by Monica Zuniga.
Actually I had to stamp all the different stamps on white paper but I chose to stamp them on tissue paper (I used the last layer of a paper napkin!). This is a technique I have just learned last week from Dina Wakley in Creative JumpStart 2013. She also gave some great advice about how to tear the stamped image out of the paper by using a (slightly) wet brush. Works great!! 

For the background I used Neo Color II and some white acrylic paint. For coloring the stamps I used Aquamarkers, Jellypens and Opaque Pigment Markers. The splashes are made with acrylic paint.

I used 14 different stamps. Because I used tissue paper I was able to use the reversed image of the hand and foot. I only had one stamp of each you see.

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