Friday, February 25, 2011

No time to paint but ...

... finally started to reorganize my art room and got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff that I kept way to long! 
So you have to wait a little longer for new updates on the painting!
I also inscribed for a new online workshop from someone I 'met' at Suzi's Academy: Natalie Neumann. The workshop is called: Woman and their Unicorn. Information about this workshop you can find on her website Vanillery Garden.

This is one of the projects we are going to make:

1) The Unicorn Bible: This will be your own personal illustrated book. Learn how to bind it, how to make paper look old and aged, how to illustrate unicorns with a pen in the old fashioned way and how to make a layout for every page. I will teach you calligraphy and how to make those beautifully adorned initial letters, like the monks in mid-century times used to do. The Manuscript will have a leather book cover with golden decorations and your own personal title to it.

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