Monday, March 14, 2011

My first unicorn sketch

Last week I started with a new online workshop: Women and their Unicorn and today I drew my first unicorn!! She looks like a deer or fawn and has yin/yang beads in her hair. The yin/yang symbol suits her name and personality. The name of my unicorn is Pachamama Yemaya. 

Pachamama or Mamapacha (pronounced as Patsjamáma) is the name for a goddess from South America/Peru. She stands for Healing/Wholing/Holy. For the people from Peru and Bolivia from before the Inca's she was the earth, worshiped in many different ways. 
Pachamama opens her arms for you. It is time to give into her embracement. It is time to heal/become whole and to think about your own Holiness, to recognize yourself as a sacred being. Open yourself to Pachamama and you will be healed.
Yemaya (pronounced as ímazja) is an African-Caribbean Santeria-goddess of the sea. She stands for surrender. The people that come to Yemaya and surrender, will see their problems dissolve into the water of her embracement. 
Surrender to Yemaya doesn't mean give in! You ask for help so that you can do what you want to do. Your wholeness will nourish if you can see that you can only surmount some difficult situations if you surrender and open yourself for something bigger. 

This morning I went to see my family doctor to talk to her about how I feel lately. She knows I don't like to take pharmaceutical drugs so she suggested I go see the psychologist again, who helped me a couple of years back with the PTSS (post traumatic stress syndrome) I was suffering from. I'm going to make an appointment with her tomorrow. Maybe we have to do some EMDR again. We'll see!


Natalie Neumann said...

She turned out so wonderful!!! I love the fact that you have given it so much thought, you really can tell that you put a lot of positive energy into your work! You really make me feel like a little girl in heaven, so much power comes from all of your artwork!

Love it!
Thanks for being there!


Anniek said...

Thank you Natalie for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. I often feel very insecure about my work because I always seem to see imperfections! xoxo