Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She now has a beard!

Today I received 2 packages from a Dutch online web-store with some books about unicorns. I love the book called The Unicornis Manuscripts written by Michael Green!!! 'This curious and fascinating work combines a mystical temperament of the late Middle Ages with a purely Renaissance spirit of scientific inquiry.' Now this singular manuscript, bearing the cipher of an obscure philosophical brotherhood from fifteenth-century Italy, reveals in convincing details the habits, characteristics and natural history - even the origin - of this rarest of creatures.

When I was watching all the beautiful drawings and paintings I noticed that all the unicorns were having beards and I decided my unicorn would also get a beard. So here she is with beard!

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Anonymous said...

Ohohohoh.... ik kijk nu pas verder dan mijn 'rss-feed' lang is, en zie dat je al een tijdje een nieuw blog hebt! Maarrrr... ik heb je weer gevonden! Yeay!!! Prachtige tekening Anniek!!!