Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring is in the air

Today was a beautiful day with lots of sun!! This afternoon we (Cor and I) went for a walk with the dog along a canal near my village and this is what we saw .....
..... a blue sky reflected in the canal (Noord-Willemskanaal) near Oudemolen;

we counted 11 Deer (actually fawn) enjoying the sun and eating some green grass; 

a buzzard sitting on a pole. These photos are taken with a 12x optical zoom but the buzzard was still very far away. 

And now I'm going to try and work on one of my creative projects. I have 3 projects that I'm working on at the moment.

1. Mermaid painting: 

2. Angel: 
Building up layers around the angel and dove.
I started this one a long time ago when I was in Suzi Blu's workshop Angels, but I never finished it. I decided last week to give it another try.

3. Drawing unicorns for Natalie's workshop Woman and their Unicorn:
Last week we learned how to make a frontal unicorn head and the one on the left is my first try. Haven't finished the shading yet!

PS Yesterday we went laser gaming with my son, 2 friends, Cor and I. It was still for my son's 17th birthday earlier this month. It was my first time ever and although I wasn't sure upfront of liking the game I thought it was lots of fun. The first game I even was the number one scorer!! And the second and last game I came in second. Today however I feel every muscle in my body aching and I also discovered lots of bruises on my arms and legs. But ... it was still fun!!


Sanna F said...

WOW you dont have any snow left! We still have some left here :(
I love the unicorn!!!!!

Natalie Neumann said...

You have such an amazing way of drawing the noses of your unicorns! Love your style a lot!
Hmmmm, sunshine, we had rain, but finally my headache went away! I love to sleep when it rains (not good for that amount of work that waits for me *lol*)
Thanks for being so creative!!!

Anonymous said...

Nou, hier staan aardig wat projecten op stapel! Je zeemeerminnen vind ik toch zo geweldig!!! Ben benieuwd hoe de engel er uit komt te zien! Geniet van het mooie weer dit weekend, de vooruitzichten zijn prachtig!