Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going healthy!!

Today I picked up my first paper bag with organic vegetables. I have the Holland bag for 2 persons with only veggies from my country. This week there are 6 different kind of veggies in the bag. You can't choose upfront what kind of veggies you would like to have, so it's always a bit of a surprise. Of course all vegetables are from the season!

Here's a photo of my bag:

Starting on top left and going clockwise: savoy cabbage, little gem, chard, tomatoes, carrots (in 3 colors!) and fennel. 

I already have eaten some of the savoy cabbage, the little gem and the tomatoes. It tasted delicious!!! There's plenty of vegetables for a whole week for 2 persons and even more and it costs cheap (€7,95) in comparison to the vegetables you can buy at the organic food store. All vegetables are freshly picked the day before you can pick up the bag at one of the many points of sales.

For Dutchies look over here for more information about the bag and where you can get it!

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