Monday, August 29, 2011

New painting!

I just finished my latest mixed media art painting for the Suzi Blu class LaLaLa! 

This is also a painting I loved to make!! There had to be a bike and a fence in this painting and you had to use a sentence from a children's book.

I used a sentence from the book Harry, the Wild West Horse. Because it was about a boy and his horse I had to change the sentence: "Thomas loved to feel the wind blow through his hair" into "I love to feel the wind blow through my hair" Sara said. From another book I cut out the name Sara.  

I made the fence myself (couldn't find the fence Suzi used over here in my country) from some white card board and thin wire. After I finished making the fence I painted all of it with white gesso. 

This painting is about me when I was a child. I loved to feel the wind blow through my hair when I was riding my bike! Red and blue were my favorite colors growing up.

Here's a detail of the painting where you can see the glitter paint I used:

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