Monday, May 14, 2012

Angel painting and new project

So today I finally finished the angel I started a long, long time ago! It's from a Suzi Blu class.
This is how she turned out!

And here's a more closer look, where you can see that I've also beeswaxed and added stuff on the sides of the painting.

I hope you can see that I've used some Angelina fibers in the hair! (click on the picture for a closer look!) It took me some time to find these over here in my country.

This afternoon I've already started to work on a new project. 
I bought this large homemade kind of 'type case' in a thrift shop last week. I'm going to paint it white and hang it on my wall to put in all kind of small collections I have. I'm still thinking about putting all kind of different wallpapers in the back of all the different compartments. 

(I forgot to take a picture of the type case before starting to paint.)

This is how it looks right now with the first layer of paint.

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