Friday, August 17, 2012

Wallpaper love in the Gypsy Caravan!

Yesterday, I finally wallpapered the Gypsy Caravan. It took me a big part of the afternoon and a part of the evening! But it looks great (at least we think it looks great)! 

These are photos taken after I had finished wallpapering the upper part of the wall.

And these are photos taken after I had finished wallpapering the whole wall in the evening.

Now we only have to wallpaper the door in the caravan and finish painting the cabinets that are in my sweethearts house. They say it's going to be a very warm day tomorrow, so I will start the day with wallpapering the door in the caravan and then move into the house where it's cool and more comfortable to work. I think we will need 3 more days of painting and another day for gluing in the new floor. 


Birdie said...

I. Love. It. I want to live in the caravan! Awesome job and so creative!

Anniek said...

Thanks Birdie! I almost can't wait to take it to France and live in it for a whole week!

Birdie said...

I am back again just to look at it. It is like a dream. :-)
Ok, I won't come back and stare at it. I am not a weird stalker or anything but I do love your caravan!

Joyce van der Lely said...

Love love love the patchwork wallpaper !!!!!!!! and the weather is great now too :) Happy camping !!!!