Friday, August 10, 2012

The Color Purple

Our Gypsy Caravan is getting purple!
The first color we picked wasn't dark enough in comparison with the lilac on the walls. So, yesterday I bought a new can of paint and this time we think it looks great!! 

Here are some photos of the first color. On photo it looks better then in real. In real it's a more in your face kind of color combination! 

 So that's why it had to be a darker purple, like this one!

In case you're wondering where the wallpaper went .... I had to take it off the wall because the glue wasn't drying at all. So we had to look for another glue first. Lucky for me I just did a small corner! Now I'm waiting for the purple paint to dry before I can start wallpapering again! When that's done we have to put in the new ceiling and put everything else we have painted back in again. We only have a couple of more weeks to go before we'll leave on our maiden trip with the Gypsy Caravan! 

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Birdie said...

You can never go wrong with purple!