Monday, June 25, 2012

Curtains Gypsy Caravan

I'm very busy with making new curtains for my Gypsy Caravan! 

The blue ones will be for the sleeping area and the green ones for the dining area. Because I'm on a budget for redecorating the caravan, I've used the blue and green curtain fabric which I had in stash and added the new striped fabric as a border to compensate for the lack of old fabric. 
Only 2 more blue curtains to go!


Joyce van der Lely said...

They look delicious !!!!! Are you going camping ? Weather doesn't seem to want to be too "summery" huh ? Well your curtains surely provide a warm feeling :)

Anniek said...

Summer? What's Summer? ;)
We're planning on taking the gypsy caravan on our first maiden trip to France (Northern shore line) in September.