Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Here's my second set of 7 index cards for the ICAD challenge! I have been experimenting a lot with transferring images from books and magazines using matte medium.
The prompts I used are: B+W, Stripes, Colors of Winter, Faux Quilt (2), Alphabet stamps and decorate the corners.

Image transfer from a Dutch children's book (Het boek van Ot en Sien) by Jan Ligthart and H. Scheepstra, images made by C. Jetses.
These are painted (acrylics) strips of tape.
 Background is a page from a dictionary. I added a lot of water to soften down the watercolors and glimmer mists I used. The haiku is from Matso Basho, a Japanese poet (1644-1694). 
 Another transfer with matte medium using music paper. 
 Small pieces of paper from subscription cards.
 For this background I used an image (transfer) from a magazine, it's hard to see but it's a sun/moon.
And finally I used some images (transfer) from another magazine (add campaign for Citroen) on a background with gesso and watercolor.


Joyce van der Lely said...

looks like a fun project ! How big are the cards ? Yours look great, happy, colourful ! xx

Anniek said...

Thanks Joyce! My cards are Dutch size: 10,5 by 7,5 cm. Just a little bit smaller than the American 3x5 index cards.

Jackie said...

These are fabulous!

Andria said...

Great cards, Anniek. Your transfers look great, and I love the different color effects you've achieved!

Marit said...

Prachtige serie Anniek! Image transfer - ik heb er een tijd heel veel gebruik van gemaakt. HEt is alweer even geleden en nu ik dit zie jeuken mijn handen... het resultaat is altijd weer zo verrassend en mooi!

Dianne said...

wonderful cards!

Natasha said...

Stunning cards, these look fabulous!! Very inspiring.