Thursday, June 14, 2012

ICAD challenge

Last week I started with the Index Card A Day Challenge which you can find at the Daisy Yellow blog. This challenge is for only 61 days, so it's doable. 
I'm a week behind but I don't care and I'm just continuing this challenge at my own pace.
Here is my first set of 7 index cards (7.5x10.5 cm)
The prompts I used are: Doodle your name, Grid, Fish, Map, Dictionary, Dragonfly and Yellow.

Gesso, acrylics, template, black DVD writer.
Black DVD writer, colored pencils.
Gesso, glimmer mist, image from magazine, black DVD writer, white uni posca.
Map, gesso, acrylics, template, stamps, glimmer mist, image from an advertisement leaflet, white uni posca, black DVD writer.
Dictionary page, gesso, handmade paper, acrylics, heart tag, letter stamps, words from a book, template, black DVD writer.
Book page I used to put on excess paints from other projects, stamps, thread, foam dragonfly, white uni posca.
Washi tape, scrapbook paper, letter stickers, smiley template used for sprinkling powder sugar on top of a cup of coffee, black permanent ink pen.

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The Wordy Phoenix said...

I only found out about it 3 days ago and have decided to do it as well :)

You cards are absolutely lovely!