Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ICAD week 8

Just a couple of more cards to go and I will have completed the ICAD challenge!
It took me a couple of days to get started on this weeks prompts but here they are:

 #50 numbers: Scrapbook paper, letter stickers, Neocolor II, black pen.

 #51 draw a face: white paper, pencil.

 #52 cup of tea/use a photograph: my favorite herbal tea (fresh mint from my garden) with some honey in my favorite teacup from Indiska!

 #53 draw a map: scrapbook paper, black pen, dymo tape. This is a map from my neighborhood.

 #54 paint: acrylic paint on watercolor paper. When the paint is still wet put another paper on top and use a brayer or your hands to create this effect. 

 #55 make an index card in public: washi tape, black pen. 

#56 dice/use a photograph: a photograph of an old Dutch board game: the game of goose. I won this game 50 years ago and it was my first game where you had to use dice. 

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