Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm halfway through the ICAD challenge
The prompts I worked with this time are: Mondrian artwork, draw an iced cream sundae, disco ball, fabric, sketch a bicycle, quote and snowman.
I wasn't very inspired while making the snowman. Maybe it's because of the warm weather we're having here ....

 I used pieces of scrapbook paper and a black pen.

 Black pen.

 Paper from subscription cards, images from the internet and a book, black pen.

 Scrapbook paper, Neocolor II, fabric, sewing machine and buttons.

 Scrapbook paper, black pen.

 Packing paper, Neocolor II, black pen, stamps.

Tissue (lots of layers), watercolor, white cotton, foam snowman, silver stars and silver embroidering thread.

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