Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ICAD challenge week 5

Just finished my index cards for week 5 for the ICAD challenge!
I'm feeling a bit tired at the moment but managed somehow to find some inspiration and energy for making the cards.
The prompts I used this week are: flag of your country, collage of pinks, zebra inspired, weave index cards, butterfly, layers of color and colors of your outfit.

 #29 Flag of your country: image from the internet, blue and red uni posca's, black letter stickers.

 #30 Collage of pinks: scrapbook paper (background), transparency with clear packing tape, images of flowers from magazines, letter stickers.

 # 31 Zebra inspired: white paper, black pen.

 # 32 Weave index cards: scrapbook paper, index card, letter stamps, black pen.

 # 33 Butterfly: scrapbook paper, image flower and letters from magazines, butterfly copy from a book about butterflies.

 # 34 Layers of color: handmade paper (background), paint, modeling paste, black pen, stamp, white ColorBox pigment, painted aluminum tape, paper star.

# 35 Colors of your outfit: vintage music paper, spray paint denim (Ranger), butterflies (Petaloo), letters from magazines, silver uni posca.


Andria said...

Great cards! I really love your zebra-inspired card. Almost looks like a fancy ISBN symbol!

Natasha said...

I love these cards, I almost thought your zebra card was a bar code for a minute! Good job. :)