Friday, July 20, 2012

ICAD week 7

Finished my last index card for week 7 of the ICAD challenge today!
Kept them simple because I'm still feeling tired. Went to see the doctor on Tuesday because when I woke up that morning I suddenly had a bruise near my eye which wasn't there when I went to bed. It didn't hurt at all, so I thought it was unusual and together with the extreme fatigue I thought it was  time to have a thorough check-up of my blood. The doctor agreed! Still waiting for the results though!
I must say that I feel a little bit better for the last 2 days, and the bruise near my eye has already disappeared!

The prompts I used for this week's cards are: concentric circles/neocolors+water, owl, mandala, white, strips of fabric, graffiti, dreamy/haiku.

 # 43 concentric circles/neocolors+water: a la Wassily Kandinsky with neocolors and water.

 # 44 owl: writing paper in wood color with green swirls, transparency, washi tape, black pen, stamp, stazon.

 #45 mandala: scrapbook paper, white paper, black pen.

 # 46 white: paintable paper (Prima), scrapbook paper, screen print (Hambly), vintage lace, white lace with follow your dreams, flower, buttons, butterfly brad, rhinestones, pearl with nail sticker, stamps, stazon.
 # 47 strips of fabric: fabric, sewing machine.

 # 48 graffiti: image of a wall and figure from the internet, white paper, pens. 

# 49 dreamy/haiku: transparency of magazine image, haiku from Peter S. Quinn, stamp, black pen, stazon.

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